From Lead Gen to Loyalty, Use Munchable Video to Drive Engagement

November 21, 2022


Learn from Jaimie Somlai, Marketing Director at Northwoods, Jim Brophy, Group Director, Digital at Northwoods, and Ben Tosado Chief Growth Officer at Parmonic on how to use video moments to generate leads, convert those leads into customers, and ultimately win the loyalty of your customers.

Key takeaways from the webinar session.

  • B2B markers want their audiences to be increasingly overwhelmed and getting engaged by a variety of different outputs and channels, and marketers trying to position a variety of different products and services.
  • Hence, B2B marketers harness short-form videos, in order to keep their audience or clients engaged and provide them with relevant pieces of information whenever required.
  • In a recent survey we found that there is a large group of information workers out of which 81% of them preferred short videos, over 15% long video clips, and over 4% written word in terms of consuming information about the business.
  • A lot of our customers are hiring video agencies to do things that are simple to do with Parmonic, like edit out impactful moments in a video.
  • Understanding your audience and understanding also what your competition is doing is important. Organizations need to identify their users, and you need to ask them, what kind of content are you looking for.
  • So, the key component to all of this, especially the videos for content marketing campaigns, or even if someone is using it as a destination for landing pages to support a digital advertising campaign, one really needs to identify objectives and what your strategies and tactics are that rolls up to their objectives and those KPIs that go along with that.
  • There are a variety of video transcription engines out there. Adobe has one that's built into their video editing tool, Premier Pro, and all these transcription tools have about the same level of accuracy, and they're getting better and better over time.
  • All these providers are continuing to innovate and improve the accuracy of the platforms.
  • What we do at Parmonic is we leverage some of the cloud-based transcription providers that we have mentioned above, and then we have a human actually come in and manicure the transcription afterward so that we can make sure that the accuracy instead of being around 85% is over 96%, 97% accurate, including colloquialisms, technical terms, and things like this.
  • The other thing that we do above and beyond a standard transcription and human editing is our AI identifies topic areas which are very helpful in doing things like being able to search videos and identifying keywords.

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