Inspirational Marketers Series with Annie Keller of Genesys

July 20, 2021

Welcome to Parmonic's webinar series, Inspirational Talks.

Piyush Saggi, Co-Founder and CEO at Parmonic, chats with Annie Keller, Sr. Global Engagement Manager at Genesys, to delve deeper into her background, B2B marketing goals, and how Parmonic helps her get more out of Genesys investment in video marketing. 

Every year, Genesys® organizes billions of extraordinary customer interactions for businesses in over a hundred different countries. Genesys gives businesses the ability to boost staff productivity and engagement while simultaneously providing customers with proactive, predictive, and hyper-personalized experiences across every marketing, sales, and service moment across every channel.

Annie Keller joined Genesys in April 2018 and is an award-winning marketer with over 15 years of experience. When she's not busy marketing, Annie enjoys gardening after getting her Master Gardener certificate from Purdue in 2019. She's passionate about rescuing dogs and adores her two rescue pups.


Let's enjoy the munchable moments below, made with Parmonic's AI.