Inspirational Marketers Series with David Cummings from Pardot

November 14, 2022

Welcome to Parmonic's webinar series, Inspirational Marketers.

In this episode, Piyush Saggi, our CEO hosted the legendary David Cummings, founder of Pardot and currently the CEO of Atlanta Ventures.

Atlanta Ventures empowers entrepreneurs to start, grow, and learn. They also have an in-house studio where they co-found companies with passionate entrepreneurs to solve massive problems. They support entrepreneurs by creating an intentional and supportive community, educating entrepreneurs with relevant content and tools, investing in early-stage entrepreneurs with capital to elevate them to the next level and launching companies from their in-house Studio.

In 2007, David re-connected with a former Duke classmate, Adam Blitzer, and together they founded Pardot. After pivoting the business into the blossoming market of Marketing Automation, Pardot was acquired by ExactTarget/ in 2012 for $95 million.

Hear David's story and inspirational perspectives in the moments below. Don't miss the fun rapid-fire round.