Inspirational Marketers Series with Joe Ariganello from Anomali

November 28, 2022

Welcome to Parmonic's webinar series, Inspirational Talks.

Piyush Saggi, Co-Founder and CEO at Parmonic, chats with Joe Ariganello, Vice-President of Product Marketing at Anomali, to delve deeper into his background, B2B marketing goals, and how Parmonic helps them get more out of their investment in video marketing.

Anomali delivers intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions, including ThreatStream® Match™, and Lens™. Companies use Anomali to enhance threat visibility, automate threat processing and detection, and accelerate threat investigation, response, and remediation. The company has been going through a pivot and a change in what it's trying to do the last year, where they were moving more towards extended detection and response.


Anomali's take on Parmonic's Solutions

Marketing is all about getting the message right and making it easy for people to consume. Some people like reading 10-page white papers, some people only want to see a tweet, and some people want to watch a one-minute snackable video. As long as you have all these tools in your arsenal, make sure that make up your marketing mix.


Enjoy the munchable moments of the entire webinar below, made with Parmonic's AI.