Inspirational Marketers With  Ellen Schwartze of Knotch

October 6, 2022

Welcome to Parmonic's webinar series, Inspirational Talks. Piyush Saggi chats with Ellen Schwartze, Senior Director of Digital Demand Generation at Knotch to dive into her story, B2B marketing goals, and how Parmonic helps Knotch get more out of their investment in video marketing. 

Knotch is a software as a service platform. They index an entire site and then track the customer journey from beginning to end. Clients can visualize the customer journey step by step to see the content in the middle of their digital assets, whatever that might be, videos, webinars, snippets.

Ellen joined Knotch in August 2021 and enjoys producing dynamic, engaging, and best-in-class video webinars that provide value (with a dash of entertainment!). She likes to write memorable, modern, and clear marketing copy and is constantly developing her product marketing skills and enjoys the quick pace of regular releases, and finding the right ways to explain complex but exciting, and often industry-advancing features and functionality. 

Enjoy the munchable moments below, made with Parmonic's AI.