Inspirational Talks With Marianne Calilhanna of DCL

November 2, 2021

Welcome to Parmonic's webinar series, Inspirational Talks.

Piyush Saggi, Co-Founder and CEO at Parmonic, chats with Marianne Calilhanna, VP of Marketing at Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL), to delve deeper into her background, B2B marketing goals, and how Parmonic helps her get more out of their investment in video marketing.

DCL, founded in 1981, is a technology firm that provides data and content transformation services and solutions. Using the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence, including Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, DCL helps businesses organize and structure data and content for modern technologies and platforms. DCL’s US-based project management teams solve complex conversion challenges securely, accurately, and on time.

Marianne Calilhanna is a content and technology professional with 30+ years of marketing, editorial, product development, publishing, and change management experience. Marianne excels at identifying business goals and executing the steps to make them happen.


Enjoy the munchable moments below, made with Parmonic's AI.