Arkestro Case Study

Leading Predictive Procurement Orchestration Platform Unlocks Untapped Video Potential While Maximizing Content Potential


How did you find out about Parmonic?

[Blair, Arkestro] I was introduced to the tool at a previous job and loved how easy it was to take key moments from long webinars to share on social media and our website. We needed a similar tool at Arkestro, so I suggested Parmonic!

When did you start working with Pamonic?

[Blair, Arkestro] In March of 2023.

What was the beginning of the engagement with Parmonic like?

[Blair, Arkestro] Everyone that we have worked with at Parmonic was super helpful from the beginning. They helped us pick out the best package for our needs, explained the new features that had been implemented since I last used the tool, and worked with us on setting up integrations with Hubspot and Salesforce.


Did you evaluate our competitors or other solutions to your problem?

[Blair, Arkestro] Because we already knew the value of the tool, we did not consider competitors. However, we were looking at hiring a video designer to help us create short videos with intros/outros, but that simply wasn’t feasible with our marketing budget.

What business challenges were you facing that caused you to look for a solution?

[Blair, Arkestro] Since we didn’t have an in-house designer, we had an overwhelming amount of longform video content from webinars and events that weren’t being utilized to their full potential. We needed to break down the content quickly and get it on our website and social media accounts before we lost the opportunity to share it with our customers and prospects.

What were you hoping to achieve with a new solution?

[Blair, Arkestro] I already knew that video content is king on social media since it increases impressions and view rates, I just needed a way to get this video content out there that looked polished and had subtitles - which I knew Parmonic could do. We also know that people’s attention spans are limited and posting the whole webinar/video on our website just wasn’t performing well. Having those snackable moments would be a game changer to getting video and landing page views to increase.

What criteria did the new solution need to meet?

[Blair, Arkestro] We have a very small marketing team, so the solution needed to be easy and quick to use. I have very limited time to work on things, so for a tool to find the best moments and generate titles and captions is a huge win. The integrations have also been a lifesaver! It is so easy to build what we need in Parmonic and then embed it onto our website via Hubspot.

How were you planning to measure the success of the new solution?

[Blair, Arkestro] Engagement rates like views and clicks on social media, as well as, views and landing page visits for our website.


Why, specifically, did you choose to work with Parmonic?

[Blair, Arkestro] We chose to work with Parmonic because we knew it was an effective, time saving tool from previous use. At Arkestro we specialize in Predictive Procurement Orchestration. Since it’s a new category in the spend management space, we needed a way to easily explain what we do. Parmonic helps us get to the heart of what we do.

How did our product/solution solve your problem?

[Blair, Arkestro] Parmonic allowed us to get the video content we needed quickly to share with our prospects and customers, without having to hire a designer to edit the videos or me having to manually pick timestamps and write captions.

Did you need any help using our product, and how did you get help?

[Blair, Arkestro] No, the solution is pretty easy to use. If any questions did arise the team was very responsive and helpful!


What are some of the main benefits of using our product?

[Blair, Arkestro] Time saving for busy marketing teams and high quality, polished videos that can be shared on a variety of different platforms.

What are the three biggest things you love about Parmonic?

[Blair, Arkestro]

  1. How easy it is to use (and how helpful the integrations are!)
  2. The platform is always coming out with new features to improve your experience
  3. The Parmonic team is willing to take our feedback or take the time to explain the best ways to use the tool


What would you say to other companies considering Parmonic?

[Blair, Arkestro] For time-crunched and busy marketers, Parmonic is definitely a tool you should consider. Not only is it cost-effective, but it utilizes AI to create high-quality videos with captions and titles - so you don’t have to. 

Between the stellar customer service and constant new features, I can’t recommend Parmonic enough!