Support Logic Case Study

3,900% Surge in YouTube Subscribers For AI-Enabled Support Experience Platform


Parmonic's client, SupportLogic provides predictive and generative AI for customer support and success teams. Their tools help support teams predict and prevent customer escalations, increase team efficiency, and observe and act on the voice of the customer in real-time.


Blake Cohlan, Growth Marketing Strategist: We faced challenges while repurposing and optimizing our extensive content. Manually reviewing and approving moments for posting on YouTube was time-consuming, required constant attention, and needed expensive tools.


Blake Cohlan, Growth Marketing Strategist: We took all of our live content and uploaded it into Parmonic to slice the long videos into small moments. After transcribing the content, we made sure it was SEO-friendly before re-uploading it to YouTube and publishing it.

Parmonic automated the content creation workflow, minimizing manual efforts and maximizing efficiency, and thus enabled us to save many hours on the backend. Additionally, Parmonic worked closely with us to explore new content formats.



Support Logic YouTube Subscriber Growth

Blake Cohlan, Growth Marketing Strategist: We saw phenomenal growth in our company's YouTube subscribers.

Our YouTube channel went from 100 subscribers to 4,000 subscribers in over a year.


Blake expressed immense satisfaction with the collaboration, citing Parmonic as a crucial component in their content strategy. The success story of YouTube subscriber growth, and increase in efficiency showcased the transformative impact of Parmonic's AI.