Audiograms: Turn Video Woes To Wows

April 25, 2024
Product Updates

You know those moments when your video quality is..... not great 😉, your speakers are MIA, or your visuals are just downright cringeworthy? Yeah, we've all been there. On any other day, you'd scramble to salvage the recording with a video editor, a process that could drag on for days or weeks. And if you lack internal resources or the budget to hire an agency, you might be forced to shelve the video for another time.What if we told you there's a way to not just fix those issues, but also jazz up your content?

Introducing our latest feature: 'Audiograms.'

Sometimes, it's not just about sprucing up the old stuff; it's about giving it a fresh twist. Audiograms not only solve your content-creation problems but also help you grab your audience's attention in a whole new way. How? By making the familiar new.

Audiograms transform your lackluster videos into attention-grabbing assets with text and audio overlays that drive your message home. And that too in seconds. Audiograms are the ultimate power move in your content marketing arsenal because they ensure your content is seen, heard, and remembered.

Whether you're repurposing existing event recordings, and tutorials or creating new webinars from scratch, Audiograms ensure your message shines bright. You can use them to highlight - 

  • Quotes from speakers
  • Important Statistics
  • Industry trends
  • Valuable insights
  • Light-hearted moments from the webinars
  • Q&A sessions
  • Tips from training videos
  • Critical features from product demos

Tip: You can customize audiograms to match your brand's look and feel.

We know our audience is busy and they're looking for quick, interesting insights they can easily digest while on the go. At Parmonic, we use Audiograms to extract valuable inputs from our webinars and share them on LinkedIn. You can listen to the audiogram here.


We'd be thrilled to walk you through how Audiograms can amp up your videos – at zero cost, no strings attached. Simply schedule a guided tour with us right overhere. We'll guide you through creating audiograms, catchy quote cards, and short videos from your lengthy ones and give them to you to use as you see fit.