Eloqua and Parmonic Integration

April 26, 2023
Product Updates

Hey data-driven marketers, Parmonic now integrates with Eloqua! This integration can help you use the power of video in your marketing mix and show the impact of your programs with data and evidence.

Video moments help you reach and engage more people. Understanding who is consuming content (video moments) and how can help you in several ways:

  • Lead/MQL scoring
  • Rapidly send active leads to sales
  • Double down on content that is popular
  • Measure and show marketing influence on pipeline, revenue and customers
  • Create better content based on what's actually driving results

If you use Eloqua to capture leads, Parmonic can help you automate creation of video moments that are more likely to captivate your audience and our integration with Eloqua helps you measure the impact so you can refine your content and campaigns.

Our integration with Eloqua is secure and compliant - Parmonic does not store your customer data. The integration feeds video consumption data into Eloqua so you can run reports and workflows in Eloqua.

To set up the integration, please login to the Help center for instructions or reach out to your Customer Happiness Specialist. 

With this integration, Parmonic is now one of the very few video companies in the world that integrates with all Big 4 MAPs. We understand how important it is for marketers to have a tightly-integrated and powerful stack that helps them make data-driven decisions.

If you're interested in using Parmonic or want to learn more about what it can do for your business, reach out to us by booking a demo.