Get more out of your events with Parmonic and Zuddl integration

February 9, 2024
Product Updates

Events and webinars are super important in B2B because they're prime time for networking, sharing know-how, and showing off what you've got to a specific crowd. They're key for drumming up leads and building business relationships. Plus, they offer a platform for engaging with prospects in a more personalized and interactive manner, leading to higher conversion rates and brand loyalty.

One big reason audiences get excited about events is the valuable content they get from them. This content can range from research stats, a discussion with market leaders, training sessions, product demos, or a networking event. Smart event planners know this content is gold even after the event ends. That's where the Zuddl-Parmonic integration kicks in.

Zuddlis an event management platform tailor-made for B2B organizations and conference producers. It has been built from the ground up to seamlessly handle the ever-evolving demands of virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. Zuddl's outcome-focused unified platform streamlines and consolidates various tools across different event types, eliminating the need for multiple platforms and enhancing efficiency.


The integration lets you push recordings of your event or webinar from your Zuddl dashboard directly to your Parmonic dashboard where it can be transformed into key moments, trailers, quotes, gifs, webpages, blogs, social posts.

B2B marketers, sales teams, and customer service folks can use these bite-sized content pieces on their preferred channels to engage prospects and increase their pipeline.


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Event teams can use the integration to

  • Convert no-shows to high-quality MQLs
  • Increase registrations and viewership of on-demand webinars
  • Convert more leads from sponsored events
  • Convert more webinar attendees to buyers
  • Grab attention in follow-up or no-show emails

Sales teams can use the integration to

  • Convert more leads to opportunities and opportunities to wins
  • Drive more renewals and upsells

Content and marketing teams can use the integration to

  • Create impactful content from webinars
  • Measure and show marketing's impact on revenue
  • Establish thought leadership via social media

If you are an existing Parmonic customer, reach out to our fabulous customer happiness team to set things up. If you're an existing Zuddl customer and keen to explore Parmonic, email Zuddl's customer success team at with your organization's name (name of your organization in Zuddl) and organization ID (Entered by our CS team).