Create winning moments with Salesloft + Parmonic

April 26, 2023
Product Updates

With this integration, marketers can publish video and webinar moments from Parmonic to Salesloft, and increase adoption of marketing content to impact sales and pipeline.

"Our marketing team gives us excellent content that helps catch prospects' attention."

"We want short, to-the-point content and that's exactly what our marketing team provides."

Wouldn't it be great if your sales team said this?

We don't have stats but our experience tells us that 90% of sales teams don't echo these sentiments, and are often complaining about marketing not doing enough for them.

Our newest integration - Parmonic + Salesloft - can help you win over your sales team and make an impact on company metrics.

Parmonic's AI turns webinars and other long videos full of valuable content into short, watchable moments that can help your reps get attention from their prospects. 

Your reps can distinguish themselves from competitors by showing prospects that they care about their time and are sending relevant content instead of throwing a bag full of long content that a prospect will ignore.

With this integration, you can publish captivating moments directly into Salesloft and deliver great content in the platform that reps are spending their days in. Delivering content right inside Salesloft can help you get increased adoption by sales, and earn the 'thank you for doing this' compliment.

The integration also helps you measure the impact of video by utilizing tracking metrics from Salesloft.

Ideas to consider:

  • Sellers can send video moments as part of sequences or ad-hoc emails. The data can reveal higher performing moments and the team can double down on that.
  • If your SDRs send webinar follow-up emails, sending webinar moments can elevate their outreach.
  • If your SDRs are responsible for driving registrations, they can share a moment from a previous webinar as a hook.

Here's a secret - a lot of sellers (including millennials) don't like recording themselves and creating cheesy videos. They'd much rather share videos created by marketing that will deliver high value and great content to prospects. Now you can deliver high-value moments straight to the sellers.

If you are an existing Parmonic customer, please activate the integration in the Admin dashboard, or reach out to our fabulous Customer Happiness team to set things up.

If you're interested in using Parmonic reach out to us by booking a demo. We'd love to talk to you.