In-Video CTA - Effortlessly Drive Action From Your Videos

March 19, 2024
Product Updates

Not adding a CTA (Call To Action) at the end of the video is like throwing a party without inviting anyone – all dressed up with nowhere to go. The primary aim of a video CTA is to boost engagement and conversions. By giving clear direction, a CTA transforms passive viewers into active participants or customers, essentially closing the gap between content consumption and user action. 

Our feature called In-Video CTA is designed to do just that. 

What is In-Video CTA?

Whether you want to promote a product, encourage subscriptions, or drive traffic to your website, this feature empowers you to guide your viewers toward the desired action without interrupting their viewing experience.

In-Video CTA is an interactive element, a clickable button that takes users to an external resource or a website.

One of the standout features of In-Video CTA is its intelligent placement. The CTA icon expands after 5 seconds, ensuring that viewers have enough time to engage with the content before being presented with the call-to-action. 

To prevent viewer fatigue, the CTA icon collapses after 1 minute, allowing the video to take center stage once again. However, in the final seconds of the video, the CTA icon expands once more, ensuring that your message is fresh in the viewer's mind. Additionally, at the end of the video, the CTA appears in the center, grabbing attention and increasing the likelihood of viewer engagement.


You can choose from a list of icons (video, webpage, webinar, blog, infographic, slides, eBook), label or name the resource, add a link, or upload a file to the CTA.

Best practices for creating an effective CTA -

  1. Deliver value from the start
  2. Be straightforward to avoid friction and ignite prospects’ interest
  3. Keep your CTA video-specific and not generic
  4. Experiment with both long-form and short-form CTA to see what works best for you
  5. Choose the right CTA phrase that matches your video goal

Here are some examples of CTA for your B2B videos -

For Event / Webinar Promotion
  • Register Now
  • Save Your Spot
  • Attend Our Webinar
Product Promotion
  • See the Features
  • Request A Demo
  • Book Demo
  • Try For Free
Social Media
  • Join The Conversation
  • Share This Video
  • Follow Us On Social Media

To see the In-Video CTA in action, sign up for our free guided trial here.