Introducing: AI-Generated Webinar Recap Blog

Piyush Saggi
April 10, 2023
Product Updates

To get attention, you need to increase the surface area of your content. Webinars are excellent containers of valuable information. Articles and blogs have been an important workhorse for marketers. Our newest feature turns webinar recordings into blog posts.



Why it matters?

Reduce content pre-creation effort - while blogs and articles remain a popular content format, they require a lot of effort (and money, when outsourced). The challenge starts with identifying a topic and collecting relevant talking points from internal experts and research. Webinars already have a script and valuable content that speakers have researched and prepared. Get a jumpstart by turning webinars into blogs.

Reduce content creation effort - our new module automatically creates a high quality draft of a blog post for you in minutes. It also allows you to instantly create multiple variants by changing the tone and length. You can serve multiple audiences with slightly different content that originated in the same source content by harnessing AI and reducing manual effort.

Reduce content publishing effort - our module generates rich and flexible outputs that make it easy to export the content in different formats. Some marketers might directly paste the output into Wordpress or similar blogging tools. Others might have to send to a colleague as a Word doc. 

Uniqueness is key - the floodgates of AI-generated, average-quality content have opened. A-grade marketers will have to differentiate themselves using unique viewpoints and unique content. Simply using one of the hundreds of AI apps that have popped up overnight with ChatGPT will only lead to average-quality content that is a rehash of what's already on the Internet. Using unique content that your company has created will help you attract attention.

Increase ROW (Return on Webinar) - some webinars have very valuable content but not the best visuals. Or you might have a recording that has poor audio quality. As a webinar speaker, I have had bad hair days too (although it's usually a lack of caffeine)! Extract the valuable content and give it a new life by turning it into a blog or article.

Bad Hair Day - people, animals and webinars all have it. Humans, animals and webinars can have bad hair days.

How it works?

Parmonic is unique in using derivative and generative AI. While ChatGPT and related hype has focused on generative AI, we've blended generative AI with derivative AI to give marketers a more robust solution.

Parmonic first turns webinars into watchable moments. These key moments become the input into the AI Blog module. The end result is a high-quality draft of a webinar based on key moments and topics.

In the beta release, we've added controls for users to choose a tone and audience. You can use these to generate content for your specific use case.

AI blog announcement

Adding a 2nd dimension to blogs

Text-only content may not work for all audiences. Our recent research shows that people prefer short-videos and text content blended together. Our AI Blog module will automatically suggest and include video moments in the blog that it creates for you so you can offer a rich, modern, multidimensional experience to your audience.

Text-only blogs are harder to measure beyond just page views. Using video as part of your blog posts provides more robust metrics that reveal how long people are spending on your blog pages and how much are they consuming.


Our testing indicates that this module creates very high quality drafts. We suggest you use the draft as a starting point that you review and tweak as needed. We expect that this module will reduce the effort needed to create a blog post by >80%.

Top-notch marketers have already been turning webinars into blog posts. If you are one of them, this automation will help you accomplish a lot more with a lot less effort (and cost). If haven't been turning webinars into blog posts, this capability will give you a major boost.

Note: Transcript quality can have an impact on the output. Our Augmented AI transcripts are high precision, but regular AI transcripts might include misspelled words which could show up in the blog text.

We will be adding more controls and updates to this module in the coming weeks. Please share your feedback to make this module better.

If you're an existing customer, you can request early access inside the tool. If you're not a customer, please book a demo to learn more.