Introducing: The Gallery

Piyush Saggi
April 11, 2023
Product Updates

It's hard to get people's attention. But there's a way to earn the right to your audience's attention - by giving them content they can consume within moments. It's a mindset shift that requires a modern web experience where you can share moments from your entire library of videos and webinars.

Our new Gallery takes the moment-based experience to the next level. Now you can offer this experience not just for individual recordings but for your entire library.



5 Reasons why you will love using the Gallery

  1. Attention: It will help you get more attention. It's a modern, moments-based experience for your entire library of webinars and videos.
  2. Highly Automated:  When you process a video in Parmonic just press one button and it will automatically be published to your public-facing gallery.
  3. Measurable: It integrates with marketing automation platforms and Google Analytics.
  4. Brandable: It will look like an integral part of your website.
  5. Flexible: Parmonic can host it for you under your subdomain or you can embed it on your own website or even inside your own marketing automation platform. Create multiple galleries for different product lines or audiences.

If you are a Parmonic customer, you can activate the Gallery capability now. If you are not a Parmonic customer, Book a Demo to learn more.

Ideas on where and when to use

Our customer research revealed a plethora of use cases where marketers want to utilize this capability.

  1. Modern, On-demand Webinar Gallery - central Gallery for all on-demand webinars
  2. Micro-Gallery - Gallery for specific audiences, events, campaigns

We've made creation of Micro Galleries extremely easy so you can package a collection of video content and serve it as a modern, moments-based experience with very little manual effort.

Fun fact / Digression:

We polled existing Parmonic users to get help in naming this capability. Gallery outshone the other choices.