Localization: Expand Your Reach with Multi-language Video Moments

May 8, 2024
Product Updates

Localization is your organizations' ticket to reaching prospects and customers all around the globe by making your video content more accessible and engaging in different languages.

Imagine this scenario: You work for a global tech company, and your US division just hosted an incredible webinar on their new initiatives in AI. The content was excellent, the speakers were captivating, and the audience was fully engaged. However, there's a problem – when your European (French, Italian, Spanish, etc) and Asian audiences visit the webinar's landing page to watch the key moments and highlights, everything is in English. This language barrier means they're missing out on valuable content.

Personalized Experience

Enter Localization to the rescue! With our new feature, you can easily translate the webinar's landing page to match your audience's requirements. So, whether your viewers speak French, German, Chinese, or Japanese, they can choose the highlight or the key moment they want to watch by reading the title and description of that moment in their preferred language. Then, they can continue watching the video while reading subtitles in their preferred language.

Copy of Localization Expand Your Reach with Multi-language Video Moments

Global Impact

Localization customizes the entire viewing experience for your audience, making them feel right at home. From the moment they hit play, they'll be immersed in the video that speaks their language – literally! You're not just reaching more people – you're making a real difference in the organization on a global scale by saving your team the time, effort, resources, and event budgets to plan and record the same webinar in multiple languages

Whether you're sharing product demos, training sessions, or corporate announcements, speaking your audience's language fosters stronger connections and boosts engagement.

The localization feature is easy to set up. If you're interested in learning how it works, schedule a guided trial with us today.