Measure video interactions using Parmonic's GA4 integration

February 2, 2023
Product Updates
Google Analytics (GA) is the most popular web analytics tool on our blue planet. It's the primary way to measure what's happening on your website - where is traffic coming from, how much traffic is coming, which pages are being visited, and more. Its tight integration with Google Ads makes it a valuable tool for demand gen.
Short video has become the most-powerful format to engage busy, distracted audiences. One of the requests we had been getting from many customers was to deliver Parmonic's video analytics inside GA so marketers can get higher visibility into video interactions in the context of their website traffic.
We are thrilled to announce our integration with GA4. We developed this integration with deep insights from our partner and friend, Northwoods. They are one the best Google Analytics solution partners in the country and have deep domain knowledge.
Learn more about the why and how of integration by watching key moments from our launch webinar.
Parmonic is a video automation platform for marketers. Using AI, it helps marketers turn webinars, events, presentations into glamorized, subtitled, measurable short video experiences. We are hyper-focused on customer success and this new integration follows our commitment to help B2B marketers become the best at their craft. Book a demo today to learn how you can use it. 



If you need GA help, we recommend you get in touch with the fantastic team at Northwoods. They can help you migrate to GA4 and help you get value out of GA to move ahead in your marketing journey.