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New: Pre-Webinar Ad

October 22, 2020
Company Updates

For many marketers, the webinar journey begins in the weeks before a webinar. That's the window to promote it, get people to express interest, and then host them on the live event, or as is now becoming popular - offer them a munchable on-demand version of the webinar.

We are introducing a new capability in our platform that can create pre-webinar ads for your upcoming webinars.

Getting an ad created is a complex task so we've made it super easy. Our engine will "learn" what your brand preferences are and configure itself to product your ads that automatically meet your brand guidelines. The best part is that the only thing you'll need to do is type in the title and a few bullet points describing what is being covered in the webinar. This is info you typically see on a registration page.

There are three key reasons why you'll love this new capability -

  1. The ad is fully on-brand.
  2. It's super simple - teach the engine once, and then simply provide the text description of a new webinar whenever you need an ad.
  3. It's smart and integrated with the rest of our platform so that if you embed the pre-webinar ad on your registration page, it automatically will convert to a trailer once the webinar has been hosted and munchified.
  4. It gives you two outputs - a video ad for webpages & social media; a GIF for emails.

This capability is currently in beta but it's so exciting that we're now rolling it out to more customers who can't wait for it.

Here's an example:

If you are an existing customer, please get in touch with our Help team to get access to this. If you're not a customer, consider booking a demo so we can learn what your goals are and show you how Parmonic might fit into your plans.