Seismic and Parmonic Integration

April 19, 2023
Product Updates

Hey folks, we are really excited to tell you about the awesome integration we've got going between Parmonic and Seismic. This integration is a game-changer for sales teams looking to create killer content that's sure to impress prospects and customers alike.

Seismic is a sales enablement platform that allows businesses to create and manage sales content, track content performance, and analyze sales data.

Parmonic is a video automation platform that helps marketers get, convert and measure attention by turning long videos into watchable moments using AI.

How this integration benefits users?

Johnny is a sales guy. He's trying to get attention from a CIO and book a meeting. Johnny sends a link to an hour-long webinar asking the CIO to watch that.

Maya is a sales gal. She's trying to get attention from a CIO and realizes that executives are busy. She sends the CIO a video moment about the most interesting topic from the webinar.

Who do you think is more likely to get the CIO's attention?

The Parmonic-Seismic integration helps marketers and sales enablement teams package their long, valuable video content into short, watchable moments and deliver these to sales teams inside the Seismic platform.

Key benefits:

  • Give sales teams an unfair advantage with more compelling content (that they've always been asking for).
  • Deliver impactful content (moments) to the place where sales reps are - Seismic - and reduce friction.
  • Increase adoption of your sales enablement solution.
  • Create more synergy between Marketing and Sales (Sales Enablement).
  • Build and manage a tightly-integrated martech stack.
  • Show marketing's impact on sales and revenue with analytics (collected in Seismic).
  • Earn the respect that marketers deserve for the behind-the-scenes effort that leads to revenue. 

If you are an existing Parmonic customer, please activate the integration in the Admin dashboard, or reach out to our fabulous Customer Happiness team to set things up.

If you're interested in using Parmonic reach out to us by booking a demo. We'd love to talk to you.