Umms and Aahs Automatically Removed

Piyush Saggi
August 4, 2020
Product Updates

Parmonic automatically removes Umms and Aahs from videos and webinars

When people speak it’s natural to include filler words like ‘ummm’, ‘aah’, ‘you know’ in between our words. I do it . Everyone I know does it. It’s what makes us human. Parmonic now includes a magical feature that automatically removes umms, aahs, and other filler words.

While these feel natural in some circumstances, they can be a bit embarrassing in videos. These get amplified when your audience is watching a video and make the experience unpleasant.

Our analysis indicates that a typical webinar has about 300+ of these filler words.

All highly-edited videos often have these manually removed. That’s expensive, time consuming and boring.

Starting today, videos uploaded by Parmonic clients will automatically have these filler words taken out to make your webinars and videos shine. Maybe it was a colleague of yours who was on tape, and now you can make them a superstar onscreen!

You don’t need to do anything extra – this feature is on by default. You can, of course, turn it off.

We strongly believe that software should magically make us better without us having to change ourselves or our colleagues.

If you’re a Parmonic customer – (thank you for choosing Parmonic) – please share your feedback and thoughts with us.

If you’re not a Parmonic customer, this is just one of the magical features our tool includes while giving you superpowers to snackify videos for higher impact.
Ping us if you’d like to explore if it’s a fit for you.