Win hearts. Measure heartbeats.

January 24, 2023
Product Updates

Video moments help you win hearts. They help you communicate with busy audiences. If you want to measure how video is impacting your audience here are two approaches. Note that these are often complimentary, and not mutually exclusive.

Measure trends, ad performance, website level data using Google Analytics 

GA (GA4, specifically) is great at showing high-level website trends. If you invest in Google Ads, using GA becomes even more useful.

Pros: Very widely used; you might already have it; with the upcoming crackdown on cookies Google's cookie will become even more important for marketers.

Cons: Viewers are anonymous and there's no (legit) way for marketers to tie website activity and actions to a known user.

Parmonic's GA4 Connector measures video interactions and automatically feeds them into your GA account.

Measure individual user interactions using a MAP (Marketing Automation Platform)

MAPs like Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot, Eloqua make it possible for marketers to collect leads/contacts and measure the journey that these folks take over a period of time on your website.

Pros: Know what a particular user's journey looked like, run targeted campaigns and trigger them based on user activity, pass engaged leads to sales.

Cons: Complexity of setting these up.

Parmonic's MAP Connector measures video interactions for known users and feeds that data into your MAP. Our connector also allows you to collect leads/contacts by integrating with your MAP forms.


Ideal scenario - you use both GA and a MAP. In this case, we suggest you use both connectors from Parmonic to measure anonymous traffic patterns as well as known-user interactions