In data we trust: 15 primary & 31 secondary video metrics for B2B marketers (Worksheet included)

August 30, 2023

First a poem (written by our CEO)

If lack of data makes you mad
If lack of impact makes you sad
If what you seek is truth and not fad
Our video analytics will make you glad

Why we developed this? Video analytics are hard and messy. Even the definitions of most metrics are ambiguous and vary from one platform to another. We spent enough time googling and decided to thoroughly research this topic and come up with a comprehensive list and worksheet that can help marketers. Note: This work is more focused on B2B marketing.

Video marketing is a journey of four phases. Let's dive in.

Phases of the Video Marketing Journey

1 Phases of the Video Marketing Journey

The journey phases could be defined as Plan, Develop, Execute, and Measure. We will briefly review the early phases and then do a deeper dive into the Measure phase. We will explain why measurement is so critical, and how it can help achieve exceptional outcomes. 

The Plan phase is about creating a roadmap.

Where are you going and how will you get there? For video marketing, what is the vision? What is the focus? Is the primary purpose to create brand awareness? Or is the main goal to generate demand? A successful journey begins by having a detailed plan with explanations, specific activities, and a timeline.

The Develop phase is focused on creating a rich Library of video content.

Where will the content come from? Fresh creation is great if budgets and timing allow for it, but often rich existing video content is readily available to leverage. For example, the value of a webinar can be extended by creating short videos from the full webinar, which can then be used in various activities. Corporate, product, promotional, training, educational, and other videos can often be repurposed very effectively! Parmonic can help. As an intelligent video automation platform, a core capability is automating the creation of short videos from long.

The Execute phase is about using video content to create awareness and generate demand.

Of course, executing across a wide range of activities means preparing videos to align with the requirements of a diverse set of channels. This is another place where Parmonic can help. Parmonic automates the work required to prepare videos for use across common channels.

Now let’s turn our attention to phase four – Measure.

Only with careful measurement can you know if all your efforts have had the desired impact. Is the plan working?

Is the Library of video content filled with good and effective content? Is execution on track? By collecting the right intelligence, you can determine if your results are sub-par, good, or outrageous! By matching results to KPIs, you can calculate your progress against specific goals. Furthermore, careful measurement can highlight places to improve, ultimately leading to better video performance.

Without measurement your video journey is like being lost in the desert, wandering aimlessly and just hoping to find water. Companies that have outrageous results do not leave outcomes to chance. They plan well, create great video content, execute with precision – and constantly measure results to assess progress and make course corrections.

Video Analytics: 45+ Metrics To Measure The Success Of Your Videos


How do you measure video programs? What are the best measures to use? Are you gathering the right data today? How are you analyzing that data?

We have carefully assembled a list of metrics and analytics that matter most. Implement this group of measurements and you will have a thorough and consistent means to gather critical intelligence. You will know how videos have performed. Coupled with your KPIs, you will know if the results exceeded goals. You will also gain insights on what improvements to make.

We've also given this list a name -> VAL = Video Analytics List. If your name is Valerie and you like data, this is for you ;)

Regularly reporting on the metrics and analytics that matter most, you will be able to present relevant and consistent performance data to truly know the effectiveness of your video programs. Adding more good news, the Parmonic platform has been enhanced to collect the critical data needed for the matter most measurements, and our integrations with Marketing Automation Platforms and Google Analytics help marketers get the complete picture easily.

VAL includes 15 metrics and analytics that matter most.

The metrics and analytics are organized into four categories, including Impressions, Views, Engagement, and Conversion. Alongside each of the 15 measurements, you will find explanations and details for calculation. These measurements provide a comprehensive foundation to assess video performance. Leaning on this foundation you can overlay your KPIs, create summaries over specific time periods, develop trending charts, and draw conclusions for improvements. As a quick side note, the Library includes an additional 31 analytics that will provide precision in some situations.

Metrics and Analytics That Matter Most to Build a Strong Foundation

2 Metrics and Analytics That Matter Most to Build a Strong Foundation!

Some examples might be helpful. Impressions tell you how many times people saw available videos. Metrics and analytics in the Views category reveal how many times people clicked the play button. Engagement measurements reveal whether videos are keeping attention by analyzing video watch time and completion rates.

The conversion portion of the matter most measurements is where things really get interesting! By implementing the six metrics and analytics in this section you will reveal the real impact of your video programs. How many times did people see forms? How many were submitted? What was the conversion rate? Still, further, we want to know what leads were created, what leads were accelerated, what pipeline was influenced and what revenue was attributed to videos. By way of the Parmonic platform plus available integrations with Marketing Automation Systems, it is practical to capture video activity by contacts, leads, and accounts. Channeling video engagement data could trigger the movement of leads through qualification. Calculating video influence on open opportunities is totally feasible. As a Holy Grail, Parmonic data capture plus integration opens the door to calculating revenue attributed to videos!

Measure Video Impact on the Funnel!

Measure Video Impact on the Funnel!


The Parmonic Metrics and Analytics Library is available and ready to implement! The path is available to turn your journey toward outrageous video results!

Video Analytics: 45+ Metrics To Measure The Success Of Your Videos