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Tips to make Zoom recordings more usable (& pretty)

August 17, 2020

If you're using Zoom to record webinars, follow these tips that will make your recordings more valuable & usable.

Situation: you hosted a webinar on Zoom and recorded the session. The recording (MP4) that Zoom saved for you has speaker windows on top of the slides. Ugg!

This recording is less than pleasing to the eyes.

The speaker windows are encroaching on the slides and hiding relevant info.

The content's shelf life and utility is now limited.

We've gone through this ourselves, and found that following these tips can make your recordings more valuable.

  1. Enable Cloud Recording option in Zoom - if you choose to record on the local computer, Zoom will only save the recording in one format - with speaker windows on top of slides so we recommend using their 'Record to Cloud' option.
  2. Choose the options shown in the image below so that each "stream" (speaker & slides) is saved as a different video file. This helps you re-purpose the recording.
  3. Make sure you uncheck the 'Add timestamp' option so that a date/time doesn't get printed on the recording.

Following these steps, Zoom will create multiple files of your recording which allows you to use different formats based on the use case.

If you're using Parmonic, you can also request help from our friendly support team who can create a beautiful version that combines the slide & speaker streams with your unique background. Or if you just want the slide (or speaker) view, simply download that file from Zoom and upload it to Parmonic for automatically creating munchable moments.