3 Points To Consider for Maximizing Engagement After Your Webinar Event with AI Video Editing

January 19, 2022

You’ve got a great webinar recording that runs about one-hour, full of really interesting content. Well, done, mate!  You worked hard on that one. You had decent attendance, as well. Probably got some high-fives and kudos from upper management, too. Good on you!  

So… (long, awkward silence)… What are you going to do with your webinar video now?

That question prompts a familiar feeling - (is that a cold sweat coming on?) - as you know what is likely going to happen next to that precious webinar. You know - and we know - it’s probably going to end up in your “assets” folder until it’s too late to repurpose even one, single frame of it.  

Why is that? Because you are also a busy, multi-tasking-like-a-mad-dog marketing professional, and likely have seventy-three things on your to-do list, which includes even more webinars in the next quarter.  

But you're struggling with that reality. Because, as the astute marketing professional you are, it has already crossed your mind that it would be great if you could make more content happen from that one 1-hour webinar. If you could just edit it down easily and send it out into world (which of course includes the new-found Metaverse) and repurpose it.  You know that quality content hiding in there could spread your brand message like a boss.  

Never fear. We put together a mini-strategy you can use for prying the potential from that webinar and rescuing it from hiding out in your asset archives. Most importantly, it gets multiple messages to more channels – wherever your perfect consumers get their content.  

Here are some ways you can take the webinar from sleeping asset to an engagement piece effective in evoking action and educating your potential members, partners, or purchasers.

1- Plan What You Want to Use from The Webinar Recording

Plan how you will repurpose your webinar video, if you haven’t already. Think about the parts of the video that stood out to you. Look at the feedback forms from attendees. Notice how maybe different career levels of your webinar attendees reacted differently to portions of your video content. If you’re able to get a real feel for the highlights you think your audience would love to see or reference again, you’re golden.

2 - Consider Where You’d Share Your Webinar Video Content

From within the one-hour video, smaller video clips, audio snips, and transcribed text exist. Where are you sharing those? Each of those segments could affect different audience groups, with different intent levels, for all sorts of other reasons.  Depending on your user journey, the intent could range from buying a product right this minute, to experiencing a service, to researching your industry or organization.  It’s key to increasing your engagement duration. Which, of course, means way more brand traction for your product offerings.

3- Edit Your Video Down into “Munchable” Snippets for All Your Channels

The average cost to have a professional video editing agency to edit your video could be between $3,400-4,500 for one hour of content. They will need to clean up the audio. They’ll need to also remove the “umms” and “uhhhs” that the speakers made during their webinar or interview. Then, they’ll need to highlight/select your snippets.  

A staff member will likely have to walk the editor through which parts were important to your team and the organization. That will probably take a lot of back-and-forth emails and phone calls.  Finally, your friendly video editor now needs to cut, edit, polish, and reformat, etc.  

That’s all just for one webinar to be edited - into maybe just a few formats.  It sounds daunting, because it is.  

As much as you’d love to make that all happen, the time you’ll have to wait for the edited version to come back in-house, combined with the hefty price tag for agency resources - it might upset your strategy and your budget. (And forget about the platforms that require you to have a high-level of video editing knowledge yourself to use – you don’t have time for that, either.)  

It is discouraging, and it’s what we hear from our friends in marketing all the time. But know that it is not you. It is the entire process described above.

Snackify Your Webinar into Multiple Formats Easily, Efficiently, and Less Headache-y, With MunchieAI

Munchie AI is a user-friendly interface software that marketing staff of any level can use, to make ten new formats from your webinar, with professional transcription.  

Incidentally, we timed our automated webinar video editor Munchie AI to see how long it would take to do the where and how mentioned above. About 30 minutes. That’s one hard-working little purple elephant.  

We see you smiling from here. Cute elephants aside, the bottom line is that multiplying the content and the channels where it appears - greatly amplifies the potential for more impressions, views, reads, downloads, visits - your overall reach and engagement.  

For content creators, our AI does most of the work for you, so you don't have to start from scratch. Simplifies video creation/editing so a content creator doesn't need any video editing skills or complex tools and allows you to export content for multiple channels.

Similarly, for campaign managers, it also has special benefits. It creates novel content packaging options to increase campaign success. It’s also plug & play - no IT integration needed. So, you stay on top of metrics in your existing systems as it converts outputs into multiple formats - automatically.

Time is precious, and so is all that micro-content waiting to jump out of your long webinar. Save time and some of your marketing budget and put Munchie AI to work for you.  Just in time for you to get back to those other seventy-two items on your task list!