5 Tidbits from Parmonic's Best Practices

May 11, 2021

Fill out the form to access the ENTIRE document but we wanted to share some of our favorite things that you can do with Parmonic!

  1. Our brains love lists (hence this being a list 😊) and what we love to suggest is for you or your team to create a list of the best munchables from the month, quarter, or year!
Lists are definitely the most fun way to get information.

  1. Parmonic creates a trailer for you that hits the perfect sweet spot between 90 seconds and two minutes. You can use this anywhere video is supported.
Trailers go hand-in-hand with registration pages.

  1. Did you know that you can upload your own intro and outro bumpers into Parmonic? They can be branded to your companies’ guidelines for future design ease.
You can upload your logo, brand colors, and even custom thumbnails for your intro and outro bumpers.

  1. Take your new 5-8 munchables and use those in your email campaigns to get more traction for those who couldn’t attend the webinar. We have a great widget built specifically for your email needs.
It's as easy as copying and pasting into your email template!

  1. Use Parmonic as a tool for smoother internal collaboration. You can download your transcript and ask your colleagues for edits and suggestions!
Teamwork makes the dream work!