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5 Ways Virtual Events Can Grow Your Business

August 5, 2020

If you’re new to the virtual world, read our tips below for some good ways that it can benefit you and your business!

1. Virtual Events Allow for More Attendees

According to Tom Tunguz, having a virutal event increases attendees by a factor of 5-10x compared to a face-to-face version. People coming to your virtual event can come form all over the world. No more hotels, airplanes, or venue issues. Anyone can attend from the comfort of their home making it easier to make connections with people in your industry and those interested in your product. Missed the registration for the roundtable you wanted to get to? Now, everyone you want you can see and have meaningful conversations with.

2. It’s Less Expensive! tells us that most virtual event costs can be up to 75% LESS than a traditional face-to-face event. You won’t have to pay for the venue, hotel costs, staff, food and so much more. Now, you can take that money and funnel that back in where you need it to make growth happen.

3. Flexibility

Virtual events are extremely flexible with just about everything like attendees, place, time, etc. Your virtual event can be interactive or on-demand at anytime, anyplace. It can also be any kind of event like a webinar, training session, sales pitch, or even a makeup class. The sky’s the limit when you can do any event any time, making your audience happy and more likely to buy from your company. “The bottom line? Virtual meetings offer unprecedented reach and access by bringing the content to your audience,” Says Miller Tanner.

4. Collecting Data and Feedback is Very Straightforward

Since everything is done online, attendees can be tracked in any way you see fit down to when and where attendees are logged on. discusses the fact that these data points are extremely important to marketers, especially in 2020 as hyper-personalization is key. It makes for a quick turn-around in terms of strategy. Tom Tunguz says, virtual event platforms capture more granular data about the behavior of attendees than face-to-face events. Now, you can take this data and use it to your advantage when placing ads or re-targeting customers all while making amazing connections and learning immensely valuable information.

5. It Saves So Much Time!

Face-to-face events require a lot of planning, staff, and hours poured into a couple of days. We definitely aren’t saying that virtual events don’t take time to set up (They do!), but it’s so much less time compared to the in-person version. The great thing is is that agrees with us stating, “You no longer need expensive technology or a whole team of experts such as sound engineers and camera operators to run a successful online event.”

There’s also no travel time involved for you, your staff, or any of your attendees. For them, it’s as easy as turning on your computer or phone and absorbing all the information. This makes it to where you and your attendees can be working on other important things that needs attention.

After reading, do you feel like you’re ready to take the leap into virtual events?

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