Video Trends 2022 - 7 Ways to Win at Video Marketing

Kait Scott
May 11, 2022

Are you looking for ways to up your video marketing game? Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, these seven tips will help you create videos that engage and persuade viewers. Producing high-quality videos can be a great way to engage with your audience and boost your brand's visibility. Follow these best practices for getting results and see how your video marketing campaigns take off.


There's something about 2:45 minutes.

Parmonic's analysis of over 500,000+ B2B videos shows that 3-minutes is the magic mark for informational videos. This beautiful scatterplot shows 500k+ videos plotted against views. The x-axis is duration and y-axis shows views.

Want more people to click play? Keep it at 2:45 mins.

500k+ videos plotted against views
The x-axis is duration and y-axis shows views.


There's something about 0:55 seconds.

To our surprise, the data also revealed that videos longer than 55 seconds performed better than those 54 seconds and below.

Our takeaway is that viewers are smart. They are interested in substance, and it's hard to convey anything substantial in a twenty-second video.

TikTok, which started as a platform for 15-sec clips, also noticed this and allows uploads up to 10 minutes long as of March 2022. This is especially relevant for B2B marketers as it's hard to convey anything meaningful in 15 seconds.


There's something about 0:09 seconds.

The first drop-off happens at the 9-seconds mark. That's how long people take to make a snap judgement on the value of the video.

This is another reason to minimize introductory special effects, animations or housekeeping. Give people something valuable faster. 


Your content will absolutely be judged by its cover.

An attractive thumbnail increases the odds of being clicked.

For B2B or educational videos, may we recommend a quick trick: Create a good looking slide with the title of the video boldly written over a nice background.

Parmonic's video marketing tool automatically creates content like this slide for omni-channel marketing. Learn more about what you can do with Parmonic.


Closed captioning and subtitles (yes, there's a subtle difference between the two) are important elements in video marketing for several reasons.

First, it makes content accessible for the differently abled.

Second, it opens content up to a bigger, global audience.

Third, videos on social begin auto-playing with sound off. People might read the CC for a few seconds before deciding to engage.

Fourth, new regulations mandate accessibility compliance of videos. The laws in the United States are getting stricter and those in Canada are already pretty strict.

Making videos available with closed captions is the responsible thing to do. And if you've earned interest in the first few seconds, people are more likely to unmute and listen to what the speakers are saying.

Note: simply adding closed captions does not make you accessibility compliant. Parmonic's solution addresses accessibility compliance beyond just adding CC.


People watch videos in short stints, like during Uber rides, or in between meetings (or sometimes during meetings when attention wanders away). They might pack in 2-minute videos or a mini-episode of their favorite distraction.

The Wall Street Journal reports that people watch videos in bursts of 6.5 mins throughout the day, barely more than two standard TikToks.

Make your videos munchable so people can consume them while in those tiny windows of time.



Multiply the impact by repurposing your long-form video content. Whether it's a webinar, presentation, or interview, the recordings can be used in different formats for different channels.

Repurposing isn't a new idea but but it often takes lot of time and energy for marketing professionals. Teams may need to hire creatives or agencies to manage the work of editing, repackaging, and distributing micro content.

Parmonic is the only tool built for B2B marketers to make video content more munchable. Request a demo today.