New: Automated Landing Pages (ALPs)

Piyush Saggi
December 1, 2022
Product Updates

A landing page is the core of most marketing campaigns. It's the place where your content resides. It's the place where email, social and ad traffic lands. With Parmonic, you can generate key moment videos for your landing pages.

Embedding video on a landing page is easy and complicated at the same time. Parmonic generates an embed code that you can paste on any web-publishing tool (Wordpress, Marketo, Hubspot, etc.). Some marketers have the ability to paste embed codes (Javascript or iFrame) onto their landing pages. Many marketers often don't have the ability to do that and must go through long, arduous processes of requesting support from Ops or IT to get a video embedded on a landing page.


That's how the world has worked whether you host the video in Parmonic, YouTube or any other video host.

We studied our customers' workflows over the past several months and found this to be a huge headache and obstacle for marketers who want to move fast and get things done quickly.

I'm delighted to announce - ALPs - Automated Landing Pages. You can now press a button in Parmonic and our engine will create a landing page with your custom branding and populate it with key moment videos automatically.  

Important and exciting note - the page will be automatically created in YOUR Marketing Automation Platform. The benefit of this is that the page will live on your domain and will be fully integrated with all your tracking workflows.

We've rolled this out for Marketo customers, and are in the process of rolling this out for Hubspot users. 


Key points:

  • The landing pages are fully on-brand.
  • You can decide where you want Parmonic to publish the page - your MAP or Parmonic-hosted. 
  • For lead collection, you can easily gate/lock videos with a form. Read more about that here.
We want you to scale new heights in the world of marketing and win your audiences. This new feature update will help you scale the Alps ;)