Collect Leads by Gating Key Moments

December 1, 2022
Product Updates

If Lead Gen is your priority, we have a solution for you.

You can now gate (lock) key moment videos generated in Parmonic. 

What's great about this new capability?

Webinar registration pages have a high bounce rate (aka disappointment rate, if you are a marketer). You spend money and energy to promote the registration page of an on-demand recording but it's hard to convince buyers to fill out that form.

Now you can offer your audience the key moment experience created in Parmonic with gating. Showing your audience the key moments gives you an opportunity to earn your audience's high-five (and email address).

Parmonic integrates with major MAPs (Marketing Automation Platforms) so you can use your existing forms (e.g. from Marketo, Hubspot, etc.) with Parmonic.

Where can you use this?

  1. Embed Parmonic key moments on any webpage you have created.
  2. Use Parmonic to automatically create your landing pages. Read more about that.

You can gate any of your videos/key moments using this feature. Even if it wasn't a traditional webinar, you can use any videos generated in Parmonic from source recordings like customer interviews, virtual event sessions, etc. as lead magnets.