Holiday Gift Guide for Better Videos

November 30, 2023

Everybody's on video these days, but let's face it, most videos just don't cut it. And no fancy webinar/podcasting software will help till you have the right fundamental equipment. Check out our quick guide to some gadgets that can up your video game and make you (or your executives) stand out and break the internet.

1. Look good - you need a high-quality external webcam

Webcam 2

External webcams are usually better than those built into laptops. A good webcam can provide an almost studio-like appearance.

We suggest the Logitech Brio 4K.(~$130)

PS - it's also important to have enough and appropriate lighting. If your room is not well-lit, consider getting a USB-powered ring light like this one.(~$20)


2. Sound good - you need a superior mic

If there's only one item you buy, we suggest buying a good mic. Not only does it help with videos and webinars, but it will also improve regular Zoom/Teams call experience.

Listen to these two samples to feel the difference.

We suggest the Blue Yeti(~$85) that was used to record the above sample.


3. Show a great background - you need a green screen

Background (3)

Virtual background options built into Zoom/Teams work in some cases. But if you or your exec doesn't have a solid background wall behind you, consider getting a green screen. A green screen can help turn your low-budget video into a Netflix-quality video.

You can opt for a portable green screen like this or an ultra-portable clip-on green screen for your chair like this(~$40).

How users perceive value of content and speaker

We hope this short list helps you and your team record better videos, spruce up your insights, and win over more fans.

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