How Grey Orange Scales Personalized Video Content with Parmonic

November 17, 2022

Are you doing lots of marketing activities to scale your engagement and lead generation process?


Is ABM one of your approaches and do you want to further scale it with personalized video content? 

To know the best solution, go through this amazing webinar session which was hosted by Benjamin Tosado, Cheif Growth Officer at Parmonic and was attended by Mark Moore, Global Head of Market Development at GreyOrange, on an interesting topic - Scaling ABM Efforts through Personalized Video Content.

Parmonic help B2B marketers leverage video content to engage audiences that are really overwhelmed and distracted. We're focused especially on about 1,000 or so named accounts and these are one of the very largest global organizations. We're on this path to try to capture more than 30% of the market in the next few years.

Mark Moore says his team focuses on the mid-funnel and below, using data-driven insights, account-based knowledge, and a tailored approach.

For them, video is the most important component of ABM, especially bite-sized videos or what they like to refer to as snippets.

Parmonic’s AI engine empowers thousands of robots across a wide range of locations. Both the robots and the software that controls them lend themselves well to visual representations. But it really is remarkable to see at first how a single robot can maximize its efficiency in carrying out a given job.


Video always speaks a lot and conveys that tale, and if we can capture it, we are extremely happy to have a strong video team that can take live production robots rapidly.

Do know more in detail and check out the live Demo of the munchable moments made with Parmonic's AIor  Book a demo with us to explore more.




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