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How to Create a Blog Post Using Parmonic

August 26, 2020

So, you’re looking for ways to re-purpose your webinar content? You want more eyes on your website?


Create a blog! With Parmonic, it’s super easy to do and here are the steps you need to re-purpose your webinar. This takes all of 3 minutes to accomplish, so not too much time has been taken out of your busy day.


1.      Go into our tool with your moments ready and click the “web” tab


2.      Select your moments to use in your widget

3.      Choose your layout

4.      Save and preview to make sure everything is how you want it

5.      Your HTML code is now ready to insert it into your blog!



In your blog editor, there will be a spot for custom HTML for you to insert your brand new widget from Parmonic! Paste your code in there, save it and your blog will be ready!



Here's the finished result of our webinar turned blog post!