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I would have written a shorter letter but...

August 10, 2020

As Shakespeare quipped in “Hamlet,” brevity is the soul of wit, and, at least in the writing world, where getting to the point is sometimes considered something of a virtue.  

Other writers, poets, and general thinkers through the ages have also struggled to not just find the right word for any occasion, but to be brief as possible. One that comes to mind was philosopher and scientist Blaine Pascal. Although he is more known for achievements in the field of mathematical probability, the 15th century thinker also had worthy thoughts about the value of using brain power to be as brief as possible. He once told a recipient:

"I would have written a shorter letter, but I didn’t have the time."

Too bad no one has shared Pascal’s phrase with many of today’s webinar organizers!

Though there are often complex and complicated issues that are discussed and great training to be offered in standard online presentations, more than one participant has asked themselves, “Do we really need to know all of this?” during a particularly dull moment.  

The answer is sometimes ‘probably not,’ but a webinar is still seen as a fairly efficient tool to share the same message or lesson with a large group of people at the same time, and also something that’s very pleasing to sometimes tight travel budgets. Online training opportunities have become even more useful in 2020 due to a growing number of companies not wanting to or being able to gather in person for in-person presentations for health reasons.  

Events will be virtual for the foreseeable future and even after COVID-19 as well.

So what can make your webinar better?  

How about being considerably shorter but still offering useful information? How about instead of one looooong video, the whole thing could be broken up into shorter ‘munchable’ mini videos?

Using our AI software, you can automatically condense a full-length webinar or a virtual event into multiple short videos that are easier and faster to watch, especially for those with limited schedules or low patience for sitting through an extended webinar that’s an hour or more.  

This way, you can watch a series of videos all at your leisure, or at least take them all in by your company’s deadline to get things watched.  

Parmonic's AI automatically finds key moments in your webinar and converts them into munchable videos on the spot.

Being able to offer viewers their choice of a full webinar or shorter segments of the same webinar could be an advantage for your organization and a good selling point, since many of your competition may not even know it’s an option.

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