Do You Know Who's Watching? Using Engagement Data In Your B2B Video Marketing

November 18, 2022

The vast majority of B2B marketing organizations use video as a major part of their marketing strategy. When it comes to video consumption, mobile devices are seeing the most rapid expansion. The need of the hour is to get the relevant content that matches up with a particular buyer persona.

A webinar session was conducted recently during the Content Marketing Institute's weekly meet-up. It was hosted by Stephaine Stahl, General Manager at CMI, and was attended by Benjamin Tosado, who is the Cheif Growth Officer at Parmonic.

Below are the munchable moments of this webinar. And mentioned below are some of the key takeaways from the webinar session.

  • The coronavirus pandemic drastically accelerated everybody's use of video.
  • A Zero to Five-minute videos do way better than any other content link. In addition to standard tracking techniques, marketers can use analytics to make better decisions.
  • Recent research suggested: When it comes to the medium through which people see videos, mobile has seen the most rapid expansion.
  • Another key trend is the video length, and the key here is the shorter, the better. And the more chance you're going to get to engage an audience with it.
  • But video can be expensive to produce, edit, and distribute. One needs a special ability to tailor the respective video content to meet a variety of different needs. It's not always very easy to do that.
  • 86% of B2B marketing organizations use video as part of their strategy, but they use video for a wide variety of things like everything from :
  • helping to increase traffic on a website 
  • increasing the amount of time spent on a site. 
  • helping users understand a product or service,
  • helping generate leads,
  • helping directly generate sales.

Clearly, videos are impactful in marketing, but what kind of engagement really matters? How do we figure out what's most important to an audience member?

Video Marketing Thumb Rules
  • Relevant content is needed which matches up with a particular buyer persona inside of an ideal customer picture.
  • Zero to five-minute videos do way better than any other content link.
  • A billion YouTube views and over 1.9 billion users at this point. The audience is watching long enough to develop an impression and act. They're not filling out a form, but they're liking or sharing a video. To get the most out of the video investment, one must generate macro-level consumer content.
  • Find a way to create short snippets of video that can then get out to an audience.
  • In addition to standard tracking techniques, marketers can use analytics to make better decisions.
  • Look at Views, Likes, Follows, and Shares.
  • Also look at what content is most impactful for the respective audience. 

We have a Solution for you with Parmonic.


At Parmonic, we help B2B marketers engage audiences that are more and more overwhelmed and distracted. We have an AI engine that takes the videos, watches them, creates what we call munchable moments or bite-sized videos. A little short video usually two minutes, or three minutes long, transcribes them and then glamorizes them. We can integrate with all of the major marketing automation platforms like HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua, ON24, etc.

We can feed engagement data into those platforms that will give you user-specific engagement data for users that have converted with you.

We are waiting to assist you in helping you know more about our offerings. Book a demo today to explore how Parmonic makes it simple to create omnichannel video content, assess the results, and justify the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

Check out the live Demo of the munchable moments made with Parmonic's AI.