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Parmonic's Value

December 6, 2021
Company Updates

Our goal is to help marketers become more impactful in a video-first world with the superpowers to create & launch video campaigns at lightning speed and with very little effort using the power of our AI and automation engine.


Parmonic delivers unparalleled value

"It's taken work and pressure off of our creative director, because he used to be the only one with video editing software and we used to have to go, 'Oh, can you do this? Can you do this?', and now I have the control and I can edit videos and create new videos even if I need to. So that's been very helpful to spread the work around. And then on our brand, I think it makes us look professional and technologically savvy because we are a technology company." - Skygen USA

"It's reduced our production time from converting long form content into small consumable resources by fourfold. As I mentioned before, manually could take about three to four business days and multiple other resources to create chapter-based video content from one large hour- long webinar. So it's been able to kind of like really quickly provide us with small consumable pieces that we could use in multiple ways, not just as on- demand webinar content. And then just the overall, like the AI power behind Parmonic, it's been able to help us create deliverables quicker than we ever could before. And that's the key advantage. The speed and intelligence of the system really has provided efficiency that you really wouldn't get if you had to do this on a manual basis." - OSIsoft

"Being able to use Parmonic has been amazing in that if one was to go through traditional means of trying to replicate the Parmonic service, it would require basically hiring a transcriptionist and a freelance video editor who may or may not be the same person. And having worked on projects like that in the past and knowing like what typical rates are for that kind of thing. I found that Parmonic is extremely reasonable in terms of having a single source cloud- based resource to basically do all that for us and provide that super high level of service." - Wolters Kluwer

"Parmonic has not only simplified how we can send out messaging, but it's also allowed our team to do more. As a marketing team, we've been able to connect with our engineers, with our sales team to create more types of collateral, to engage in different ways, whether it be email or social media or another avenue, we've really been able to say," Oh well, we have this now embedded clip that we can use somehow." And that has changed people's mindset on how they're going to create campaigns."   - UL

Produce Pieces That Grab Engagement

"I'm quite confident that most of the social posts that we include Parmonic videos and are far and wide the most engaged posts that we have. I typically see people sharing those posts, which doesn't tend to occur a whole lot outside of our kind of Appcast employees. So it's just really nice to see that people are finding them valuable and that they're topical and helpful. But on the other side of that, since I joined Appcast like four years ago, we've always known video, it's one thing to say, video is great and we need to do more video, but it's hard, right? It takes time. And there's a lot of planning. You have to have the right tools. It can be super expensive, but this has just given us sort of one vehicle to really amp up video content in like a super simple way. And it comes across as high quality and it has had a huge impact on just ramping up our volume of video content, the quality of our video content, and also just provides that brand consistency too. There's a lot of great kind of customization tools. It's been a game changer and for a light, easy investment," - Appcast

"By using Parmonic and the video bite program I just described, we have increased our viewership by 14.2% over the prior year in the first nine months. When I extrapolated our monthly run rate through the remainder of the year, we are projected to increase our annual views by almost 50%." - Spireon

Driving Lead Generation Efforts

"Our physical event that we did, the Engage event, I want to say it was something on the order of 1, 600 actual customer external attendees to that event.  We pivoted quickly. We promoted effectively, again with help from Parmonic the virtual event that we ended up doing this last May, we had on the order of 4, 000 registrants, compared to the 1, 600 that we would have gotten at the physical event. And there's lots of interesting data around those 4, 000 people and why we see some differences in terms of actual performance into the pipeline.  

But we can chat about that a little bit too. But from those 4, 000 registrants for the event, about 2, 700 actually attended, became live attendees over a two- day virtual event. And since then with all of our on-demand promotions, we've gathered another 300 or so people that have registered into the environment since then from an on-demand standpoint. So a total of about 3, 000 people that have been active in that virtual environment.  

Sort of carrying this through and a little bit into some ROI, I suppose, what have we been able to see happen from these 3, 000 people that either participated in a live event or have participated from an on-demand standpoint?  

We have been able to generate something on the order of 300 opportunities within our CRM system, sales opportunities that are being influenced directly as a result of the virtual event and the on-demand sims, which we're pretty happy about." - Verint

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