Do You Know Who's Watching? Using Engagement Data in Your B2B Video Marketing

Ben Tosado
July 18, 2022

You know your target audience.You've crafted marketing and sales videos to make your solution for their challenges shine. But how do you know that your message is being seen by theright buyers and that they're actually engaging with it?

Parmonic's Chief Growth Officer, Ben Tosado, recently joined Content Marketing Institute to share how to go beyond views when analyzing video marketing results. He provides tips and tricks on amplifying your video marketing content, including insights on:

  1. The state of video marketing in the TikTok era.
  2. Critical video KPIs - and what's just fluff.
  3. Personalizing your video marketing in an increasingly anonymous world.

Watch the munchable moments or read the transcript, both generated automatically with Parmonic's AI.