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Case Study: Using Munchable Videos for FAQs

August 4, 2020

A way that doesn’t waste their time, and makes the interactive element of a FAW or resource page easy, engaging, and, dare I say it, kind of fun?

That’s what did, and they used Parmonic to make it happen.

Who They Are

If you are unfamiliar with, they are a derivative of Jackson Healthcare, one of the largest private health organizations in the United States. They help pair hospitals with medical professionals looking for temporary positions. One of their most recent marketing initiatives dealt with Telehealth. Telehealth has seen drastic growth over the past few years, and Locumtenens has begun to address that need with their job placement services. But, as with any new thing (especially a new thing involving technology), there would be questions:

What is telehealth?

Are there any special types of equipment I need?

Why should I choose to implement Telehealth?

How They Did It

So, they recorded a video to answer them. Then, using Parmonic, they divided the video into bite-sized segments, each roughly 90 seconds or less in length. The segments rest on a Telehealth FAQ landing page, hosted on their main site. Not only does this page answer the most common questions about Telehealth, but it also makes it really easy to find those answers, and it is much more fun to click play on a video than read a sentence of text.

The numbers back this up, as well. On this page, has seen roughly 14 times more engagement than their previous text-based resource pages. Wouldn’t you like to see those kinds of numbers? Maybe using some tiny munchable videos might help.