Masterclass: How to Plan, Prep and Host a World-Class Webinar

May 13, 2024

Some webinars perform exceptionally well. Others don't. Some deliver great value. Others don't. They key to success is learning and knowing how to do webinars well. This Masterclass with micro-modules will help you learn how to ace webinars.

Josh Baez is THE guru of hosting webinars. He's hosted hundreds of webinars, worked at one of the largest webinar hosting companies and currently leads Demand Generation at Netline.

Hosted by Parmonic, we've made the material easy to consume so you can learn quickly.


1. World-Class Webinars - Why Should You Care?




2. Plan Your Webinar

Planning a successful Webinar involves identifying your audience, finding engaging speakers, and aligning the format with your goals.



3. Create Content Effectively

Crafting effective content narrative: Focus on a specific topic, and understand the beginning, middle, and end. Leverage buyer pain points, create tangible takeaways, and simplify slides.




4. Prepping, Hosting, and Follow-up

Learn how to prep for a successful Webinar with tips on speaker flow, testing tools, and engaging your audience in real time. 




5. Five Key Takeaways From The Masterclass





  1. Josh's Webinar Content and Strategy Brief TemplateandReference Sample
  2. NetLine’s 2024 State of B2B Content Consumption and Demand Report: Download