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The most popular use cases of Parmonic

September 19, 2022
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Wondering what's popular with B2B marketers that using Parmonic to automate content creation?

Most Popular Use Cases of Parmonic - Graphic

1. Social media

For most B2B marketers, establishing thought leadership on social media channels like LinkedIn is a key part of the annual marketing plan. Many of our customers also use outputs from Parmonic for paid ads.

2. Website

If you want to drive content consumption, conversions and time spent on your website we highly recommend using the interactive experiences that Parmonic creates that you can embed on your web pages. Some of our customers create webpages in a CMS (like WordPress and Drupal) and many create webpages in marketing automation platforms (Marketo, Pardot, etc.). Many marketers now use Parmonic to create content for the Resources section of their website.

Parmonic's advanced analytics can only be harnessed when you embed videos on your web pages. The Parmonic augmented trailer is a powerful way to catch attention and drive conversions.

3. Email

Parmonic makes it quick and easy to create visual content for emails. Choose an image/GIF for nurture campaigns, and choose the multi-moment HTML output for webinar follow-up emails.

4. Sales Enablement

Parmonic converts your source recordings into impactful, short content that your sales team can use in the tools that they use.

5. Transcripts

Parmonic creates premium transcripts that you can use to create more content like blog posts, or share with your PR team who might need a quote.

6. Buyers' Journey Analytics

Parmonic connects with your marketing automation to feed video consumption data at an individual contact level so you can see a buyer's journey and compute true marketing ROI.

7. Accessibility

If accessibility compliance matters to you, Parmonic helps you achieve that. Parmonic also generates foreign-language subtitles for your global teams and buyers. Our video player has gone through rigorous accessibility compliance and that allows us to serve some of the largest brands in the world including several F500.

If you'd like to see how using Parmonic makes it easy to use video for these seven use cases and more, book a demo today.