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3 Ways You Can Re-Purpose Your Webinar

Kait Scott
April 11, 2022

We’re not the first to tell you that webinars are fundamental in a modern B2B marketing strategy. Presenting a one-hour webinar is much easier than preparing a 20-page .pdf, and audience members are often better engaged with your brand and more qualified to buy your products or services.

But are you re-using your webinar content beyond the live presentation date? Here are three ways you can start repurposing your recording to generate more traffic on your website and engage with leads.

Export the webinar transcript for a blog.

One key to webinar success is recycling information for future blogs. Now that yours is over, repurposing the transcript of your video is an easy way to create new written content from your experts’ best insights.

Create a series of blog posts by breaking down each of your speaker’s key talking points. This is a great way to keep the momentum going and ensure that your audience is getting the most out of your content.

In this clip, Alaine Portnoy of Arena, a PTC Business, shares how she finds valuable blog content in her webinar Q&As.

"...We took the transcript to make life a little bit easier in creating a blog that summarized the event and took some of the key questions and answers from the panelists and placed them into a blog." 

“I created a trailer of the webinar and then I placed it within the blog. So we had this blog post after the event. Here's a summary, here's the trailer, kind of the key, pulling out key points that each speaker spoke to.

“And then there's also a couple of links sprinkled in the blog to that actual landing page again. And then to take it a step further...we also took that trailer, created an organic social post out of it to get more people to land back on this page and view the webinar.”

Insert videos into your email.

Videos are a great way to add some personality to your emails while sharing more information about a product or service.

Of course, while you can’t insert a playable video into the email, you can add a "Play" button on top of an image to encourage someone to click on it. Insert that into a marketing or sales email with a hyperlink back to your video on your website.


Or take it a step further and create an animated gif from your video. Video editing professionals use tools like Adobe to find and edit clips that will create an engaging gif. Marketers can use software like Parmonic, which uses AI tofind interesting moments in a video. Then it automatically generates gifs to use in emails, social media, or website pages.  

Use video on landing pages.

Landing pages built for converting leads are often text-heavy. But ON24 reports posting a video next to the form on the registration page increases registrations by almost 16 to 18%.

If you’re pre-recording your webinar or gating on-demand content, take inspiration from professional productions and add a promotional trailer to your landing page. Here’s Piyush Saggi, Parmonic’s CEO, with more:



“Amp up your registration pages with a trailer of the actual recording, because you've already hosted the webinar. You have that recording. You can convert that into a one-minute trailer."

"Hollywood has been doing this for 65, 70 years already. It's about time we in the B2B world learned this trick from Hollywood and applied it to our craft as well.  

“One of the research studies that, one of the biggest webinar companies, ON24, they themselves indicated that posting a video next to the form on the registration page increases registrations by almost 16 to 18%. So there's several people, several companies who've done research on this and proven that sharing video content actually drives the number of registrations up. Because you're giving people a sneak peek at the great content that you've created for them.”

Why should marketers repurpose webinars?

By repurposing your webinar content, you can create new written, visual, and email content that will keep your audience engaged and ensure that they are getting the most out of your experts' insights.

Additionally, using video on landing pages and in email can increase engagement and conversions. And creating a series of blog posts from a webinar transcript is an easy way to create an ongoing content campaign to attract traffic to your website.

These are just three ways to repurpose your video content – but there are so many more! Watch more clips from our webinar, Munchables: Drive Demand with Content Repurposed from Your Webinarsorbook a demo with a Parmonic video automation evangelist for more ideas.