How to Creatively Repurpose Webinars and Virtual Events to Drive ROI

Kait Scott
September 29, 2022

What content tactics were credited with the success of marketing strategies in 2021? According to Semrush's State of Content Marketing report, creating more video and visual content ranked number 3, just ahead of repurposing existing content.  

 If you're like most marketers, you're always on the lookout for new and compelling content tactics. If you've been broadcasting live webinars or events, could you be doing more with your on-demand library? 

You've already invested a lot into your recording, so it's time to make the most of it. Here are our top five tips for creatively repurposing content from your webinars and digital events.  

Clip the "question everyone's asking" from the webinar.

Is there a question you're always hearing from prospective buyers? If your subject matter expert answers an essential question during their presentation or the Q&A, try to edit it into a clip under 3 minutes. Short videos are the perfect content to share on social media and in marketing and sales emails. 

During an interview with Parmonic's CEO, Alaine Portnoy from Arena, a PTC Business, shares how her team uses Parmonic to do it. 


"…and then what we try to do is really kind of pull out the key points that we think the audience is going to want to really hone in on. Maybe it's focusing on, the challenges or tips or advice that the speakers gave. …and then even the Q&A, sometimes there's some curated Q and a portion that you like try to pull out and really catch, catch the attention."

"We do try to keep these clips like three minutes maxed and then under. Because you don't want to make them too long, you still want to make them short enough that people will want to digest them." 


Use transcripts as rough drafts.  

 Are you able to export the transcript from your webinar? Spoken words are an excellent starter for written content like blogs, case studies, white papers, and marketing collateral. Visual content like infographics or SlideShare presentations can also be pulled from your presenter's best moments.  

Publish the transcripts to improve search engine optimization. 

If your on-demand webinar website page only includes the video and the title, there's only so much a search engine can understand about the content of your page. To make sure search engines can understand your video – and give folks who prefer to read a transcript the option – publish the transcript. You can see how we do it on the on-demand webinar page for our case study with Alaine.  

Did you know that .pdfs are crawled by search engines? If your only option is to include a .pdf, you'll still benefit from search engines indexing the pages. 

Segment short standalone videos for a series.  

If the popularity of binge-watching tells us anything, people are happy to sit and watch multiple videos – as long as they're interested and engaged!  

Try cutting up a 1-hour webinar into bits under 10-minutes. Edit anything that wouldn't be relevant to an on-demand audience, like housekeeping or time-specific information.  

Set that up as a playlist on YouTube or create a blog recap series for each clip. Your captivated audience will appreciate the bite-sized approach. 

Marketing automation like Parmonic makes it easy to find and edit clips for short-form videos. Book a demo to learn more →


Analyze your results and repeat your success. 

You can be honest – do you know which of your webinars performed best? Analyzing your existing video data is a great way to start repurposing content if you don't know the answer. 

What patterns can you see in your current library? Were there any webinars or events that outperformed the rest? Is there one presenter with a bit of a celebrity following? Zoom in on your top performers and see how you can re-use that recording and drive more engagement.  


If you need to get more ROI from your webinar and digital events, repurposing those recordings will help you make more marketing and sales content fast. 

It’s even faster when you use Parmonic’s AI (like we did for this blog!) – book a demo and see the magic for yourself.